Whois Lookup & Domain Availability Checker

Our WHOIS lookup service allows you to perform a WHOIS lookup query on a specific domain name to see if anyone currently owns it or to see if it's available to register. This whois lookup server then queries the relevant WHOIS server for the entered domain name and displays the response from the WHOIS Server which is a public record that anyone is able to access (apart from on certain extensions such as .EU which require you to submit a form requesting for the WHOIS data. In some searches, the owner of a domain name or (the "registrant") may choose not to have their WHOIS contact details displayed either by having domain privacy in place or by opting out with the registry of the domain name (such as .uk for personal websites) We provide this WHOIS lookup free of charge with generous limits on querying the WHOIS Database compared to other popular WHOIS lookup websites which enforce captchas and such. We do not log any of your WHOIS search queries as this is setup to test part of our internal search tools under heavy loads (hence public access) All that we ask is that you register your domains through our referral links after checking they are available to help pay towards the growing amount of resources needed to keep this public without tedious restrictions in place.